4 Wavelengths Diode Laser

World’s First Quadruple Laser Diode for Hair Removal

The new Milesman Compact is a technological breakthrough. Milesman is a Spanish company that manufactures laser high-tech medical equipment. 

The Milesman Compact Blend is truly the first portable diode laser that combines high power, a light-weight handpiece, a super cold treatment tip cooling down to -9° C and a repetition rate of up to 8 shots per second in a “single shot” mode and 10 shots per second in the “sweep” mode. It is an invention that efficiently treats all skin types including tanned and black skin.

The Only Laser with 4 Wavelengths - 755 Alex, 810nm, 940nm, 1064nm

This latest laser hair removal technology has a 95% success rate for removing unwanted body hair. The technology VCSEL distributes energy homogeneously all over the head removing the “hot spot” or “pin effect” that occurs with older technologies. Operating on all skin types, the Milesman Compact comes complete with an easy grip handle that allows users greater control while treating facial area more comfortably than ever before. 

Painless & No Side Effects

Thanks to the new “cold diode” technology the treatment room is kept to a regular room temperature, which reduces the discomfort of treatment and adverse effects while achieving high energy levels. The ultimate sapphire laser tip can attain up to -9° C! It’s effective and operates on all skin types including sensitive areas like the face.

Robust and Portable Diode Laser

This diode laser is professional, portable and robust, making it an excellent choice for those looking to work in comfort. It also only weighs 9Kg – about 50% less than other models meaning it is light enough for anyone to carry, yet powerful enough that it can be used on any project without worrying about being too cumbersome or overheating your handpiece!


Our world-class machines are constantly featured and demonstrated at some of the biggest dermatology conferences. Backed and acclaimed by cosmetologists and skin specialists we continue to provide these technologies and services across India.

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