Bi Axis QS - German Q Switched ND YAG

Q Switched ND YAG

The BiAxis Quality Switched Laser (Q-Switched) is a state-of-the-art non-invasive professional multi-purpose laser made in Germany. This device uses cutting-edge technology that creates high-intensity picosecond beam pulses to reduce treatment sessions which makes it more effective than other comparable devices on the market today while still maintaining high-quality results. 

Versatile With Precise Application

The Nd YAG laser system has two very specific wavelengths, green at 532nm and infrared at 1064nm that provides patients with a wide range of treatments for both dermal/epidermal lesions. Even removing small tattoos is no obstacle when using this device as it produces pulses with uniquely customized characteristics depending on the purpose at hand.

Intuitive & Free Operation

The Feedback System ensures high user comfort with its quick and intuitive adjustments to treat skin areas more effectively – eliminating any need for complicated system adjustments during treatment sessions! Variable spot sizes of 2 to 10mm (adjustable in 1mm steps) in combination with the adjustable energy density and wavelength, direct the laser pulse energy exactly to the targeted chromophores. The adjustable mirror arm system ensures precise and stable beam focus in every position of the handpiece. 

Unbeatable Price Performance Ratio

The therapeutic laser system meets the performance and safety-related requirements of the EEA for medical devices. The compact and strong design as well as the very short warm-up phase of fewer than 30 seconds, makes the BiAxis Q-Switched ecological plus economically attractive for every practice and clinic.


Our world-class machines are constantly featured and demonstrated at some of the biggest dermatology conferences. Backed and acclaimed by cosmetologists and skin specialists we continue to provide these technologies and services across India.

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