PrimeLaze Meditech

Market leader in clinically-proven aesthetic technology and skin health products

Installation Service

We deal with the installation of different types of medical equipment that are used in hospitals. We are the experts who have the full knowledge and expertise of the products we sell, making the whole process easier for the technician to explain and buyer to understand.

Preventive Check Service

We offer preventive check services from time to time to our clients so that they can ascertain the current working condition of their equipment and whether or not it is in accordance with the performance benchmark.

Breakdown Repairs

We cater to all sorts of repairs for the wear & tear and breakdown of the equipment by well-trained technicians.

Our Products

A Complete line of Products and Equipment for Your Skin Care Business.
Estheticians, Dermatologists, Beauty Therapists, Cosmetologists, Skin Care Clinics, Wellness Centers, Salons, and Spas


Milesman Compact Blend


Koolio Air Chiller


Cellina PR


Mileman Compact 810 nm


Inno Plus +



Our focus is to provide innovative and quality products to our clients with utmost promptness.

Providing Services all over India