The perfect laser to remove skin imperfections in 1 session

The Milesman Blauman is a total game-changer for the dermatological industry and is the perfect laser to remove skin imperfections in just one treatment! This uses Blue Laser Technology to remove skin lesions & imperfections with a robust, powerful & portable platform. The outstanding difference before and after just one session with Blauman Blue Laser makes this machine No.1 among all others. 

The Blauman uses a Continuous Pulse Laser to remove skin imperfections & vascular lesions. The average duration of one session to remove one lesion is less than 10 minutes.


Nevi, seborrheic keratosis, age spots, cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, warts, fibroids, skin tags & other non-pigmented lesions such as cyst millet, sebaceous hyperplasias & sebaceous cysts.

Pain-Free & Accurate

The Blue Laser technology does not absorb water allowing the treatment to be carried out without anaesthesia and making it completely pain-free. Because of Blauman’s Laser technology’s accuracy, any patient discomfort is reduced by up to 80% compared to similar treatment methods.

The 450nm wavelength of this device provides photo-coagulation, minimal damage to surrounding tissue and less risk for collateral effects because it does not penetrate deeply into the skin. The spot size is 0.3mm therefore it’s possible to treat a small precise area. Without needing electric bistoury or cryogen, Blauman offers immediate results combined with a painless, accurate procedure covering multiple treatment applications.


Our world-class machines are constantly featured and demonstrated at some of the biggest dermatology conferences. Backed and acclaimed by cosmetologists and skin specialists we continue to provide these technologies and services across India.

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