6 in One Workstation


A 6-in-one dermatological workstation for all skin types

Cellina PR is an energy-based system that essentially works on the principle of radiofrequency. It is ergonomically designed to deliver RF energy to stimulate and re-model collagen efficiently by ablative and non-ablative modes, benefitting all skin types.


This first-in-India workstation brings along both epidermal and dermal applications in one platform allowing professionals to work productively without changing any operational environment. Consisting of 6 different modalities, this platform has Microneedling RF, Subcision RF, RF Matrix, RF Thermolysis, Vaginal Rejuvenation, and RF Filler.


Microneedling RF for Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling delivers radiofrequency directly to the target area using minimally invasive micro-fine needles. This treatment sets the skin to repair mode, resulting in a remarkable collagen boost without any energy loss like laser treatments.


Treatment Area:

Middle & Deep Dermis


Acne, Accidental, Traumatic & Suicidal Scars; Large Pores; Deep Wrinkles; Stretch Marks.


RF Matrix for Collagen Remodeling

The non-ablative RF Matrix delivers thermal energy to the target area evenly, regardless of skin type. It significantly allows you to tweak, lift, and smoothen the skin in a safe, quick and comfortable manner. The efficacy, longevity, and safety of this treatment call for effortless skin regeneration. 

Treatment Area:

Epidermis & Superficial Dermis


Skin Rejuvenation, Black Heads, Resurfacing, Fine Lines


RF Subcision For Broad Coverage & Acne Scar Treatment

This exceptional setup is to restore skin’s smooth texture by thermally disassembling the irregular fibre cells under scars, encouraging fibroblasts to trigger collagen production. This clinically proven treatment requires only a few skin insertion points as each entry point covers a large area. The superior cannula coating patented technology offers an almost painless and comfortable treatment with minimal bruising and bleeding. The RF cannula generates a high frequency at the needle tip (1mm) delivering energy precisely to the desired target.

The applied FDA-approved harmless parylene coating offers confidence and impressive results after the procedure. 


Facial Contouring, Scars, Small Fat Reduction, Lifting Facial Focal Lipolysis


RF Thermolysis

Thermolysis refers to the breakdown of molecules/fat cells by the action of heat. The Cellina PR’s thermolysis unit uses radiofrequency energy that travels along a special cannula. By applying this to certain areas such as under the chin and jaw areas, a remarkable reduction of the double chin and enhancement in the jawline can be achieved. This method can also be applied to the body to solve other problems such as cellulite and love handles.

The exceptional RF Thermolysis technique also helps the reproduction of skin fibroblasts to volume-up effect. 


Spider Vein, Acne, Open Pores, Syringoma, Fine Wrinkle


Safe Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Cellina PR VT tip is made for nonsurgical energy-based effectual treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. The device uses energy to meticulously heat the top layers of the tissues after which the underlying layers activate extra collagen to help heal the area, thus resulting in enhanced collagen, blood vessels, tightness, and lubrication. Only 1 sitting of this treatment promotes the proliferation of the collagen which makes the vaginal wall thickened & tightened.


Vulvar Whitening, Vaginal Tightening, Stress Urinary Incontinence


RF Filler

Unlike ordinary fillers, the new RF Filler technology offers a long-lasting advance in skin rejuvenation. An observation proved that a treatment done using RF Filler showed 67% greater improvement compared to the filler alone.


This latest filler injection technique uses a special cannula to deliver radiofrequency energy uniformly to the dermis, producing collagen remodelling and skin tightening. Furthermore, treatment with this device also reduces wrinkles by inducing dermal remodelling and tightening.

This RF therapy is easy and effective for treatment areas that cannot be treated with any other tools/devices.


Wrinkle Treatment, Volume Augmentation, Facial Contouring


Our world-class machines are constantly featured and demonstrated at some of the biggest dermatology conferences. Backed and acclaimed by cosmetologists and skin specialists we continue to provide these technologies and services across India.

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