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Milesman Compact blend (Four-Wavelength)

is the only laser offering a single output which is a combination of four wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, 940nm and 1,064nm).


Milesman Compact Blend 2000W system. The first truly portable diode laser that combines high power, a light-weight handpiece, a super cold treatment tip cooling down to -9° C and a repetition rate of up to 5 shots per second in “single shot” mode and 10 shots per second in the “sweep” mode. Couple those features with Milesman’s ability to blend wavelengths with the compact represents true game-changing technology.

Eyebrows, upper lip.

Legs, cheeks, arms, shoulders.

Scalp, armpits, pubic area, back, breast.

The Milesman Compact Blend offers the ability to utilize the best of four wavelengths simultaneously. This powerful combination achieves outstanding hair removal results.

• 755nm: Maximum melanin absorption and shallow skin penetration. Perfect for thin and/or light hair and for hair whose root structure is not deep.

• 810nm: The “classic” wavelength for hair removal. Medium melanin absorption and deeper skin penetration than 755nm. Perfect for most regular thickness hair possessing average root depth and color.

• 940nm: Moderate melanin absorption and increased penetration. Perfect for dark hair whose roots are somewhat shallow.

• 1064nm: Lower melanin absorption combines with the deepest penetration. Ideal for all types of dark hair which is deeply rooted in areas such as the back, scalp, armpits and pubic area.