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Inno Plus +

Innovative Aesthetic RF SystemInno Plus is a RF Radiofrequency device which helps in Thermolysis of tissues, Subcision technique induced with RF and Filling the scars with mesococktails and hyaluronic acid.

Flawless Face with RF Empowered Solution

It is based on Radio Frequency, you can generally do two treatment together in one platform with just switching handpiece.

– RF micro needle treatment using RF pen (33G) for Acne, Spider vein, Black head, pore.
– RF subcision using RF cannula (19G, 21G, 23G, 27G, 30G)

It is intensive treatment with minimum damage on skin, also immediate result right after treatment.

Application: Acne, Spider vein, Black head, pore, Deep wrinkle, Lifting, Jaw Line, Local fat reduction, Eye bag, Eye lid-14–

3 in one
RF Subcision, RF Thermolysis & RF Fillers.

RF pen

The principle is to help regeneration and to lead fibroblasts encouraged to produce collagen by itself through thermal energy disassemble irregular fiber cells under wrinkles and scars.


Needle / cannula coating patented technology is easy for the operator to predict the result of the procedure, only generates a high-frequency at the needle tip (1mm) can deliver energy precisely to the desired target. Applied FDA approved harmless Parylene coating is confident in procedures.

Clinical results of INNO Plus+