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Cellina PR

Cellina PR is a energy based system which works on the principle of radiofrequency basically this device is a platform system which takes cares of tissue regeneration ( Collagen Regeneration) in this device we have microneedling RF, Sublative RF, RF Subcision, RF Thermolysis, RF Fillers and Vagnal Tightening probe.

Cellina PR is designed specially for delivering RF energy directly to epidermis and dermis layer in order to stimulate and re-model collagen effectively by either RF micro needling mode (Ablative) and RF matrix mode (non-ablative).
It can be used for both epidermal applications and dermal applications in one platform without changing any operational environment.

Safe & Effective for all Skin Type

Cellina PR has been developed for skin rejuvenation of all kinds skin types as devised Dual functions that achieve 2ways of non-ablative and ablative in one platform. Cellina PR system performs Epidermis with RF matrix system and dermis with RF needle technology. That Cellina PR’s 6-in-1 system visualizes an operation of skin rejuvenation treatment in all skins.