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BiAxis Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser

BiAxis Medical Laser Technology Machine QS (short: BiAxis QS (Nano)) is a state of the art professional multi-purpose laser “Made in Germany” for aesthetic and medical applications at all skin types. For a decade, the system has been enjoying a high level of customer satisfaction and is always up-to-date with the latest state of technology in therapeutical nanosecond laser treatment.

Depending on the purpose of the treatment, the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system can generate pulses with different wavelengths, pulse widths and energies.
Its two wavelengths, 532 nm (green) and 1064 nm (infrared), offer a wide range of applications in the treatment of dermal and epidermal lesions. Even the removal of different colored tattoos is no obstacle for the BiAxis QS.
Filigree tattoo lines, permanent make-up contours or even the smallest lesions of the skin layers can be removed just as precisely and gently (without scars) as large-scale tattoos.

The powerful laser delivers up to 1000 mJ in QS-Mode (Pulse Duration: 6-20 ns) and up to 2200 mJ per pulse in FR-Mode (Pulse Duration: 150 μs).
On request, the device can also be upgraded with the HPT-Mode. This mode allows to be deliver two pulses sequentially to the treatment area per laser shot. Due to the achievable higher energies of up to 1800 mJ, the number of treatment sessions can be significantly reduced.

High user comfort is achieved by the Feedback-System between the handpiece and the laser unit, eliminating the need for complicated system adjustments during a treatment session. Thus, the spot sizes (on the handpiece) and parameter settings (on the touch display) can be adapted quickly and intuitively to the skin area to be treated.
Variable spot sizes of 2 to 10 mm (adjustable in 1 mm steps) in combination with the adjustable energy density and wavelength, direct the laser pulse energy exactly to the targeted chromophores. The adjustable mirror arm system guarantees precise and stable beam positioning and quality in every position of the handpiece.

Another feature of the BiAxis QS allowing the user to save treatment parameters safely and easily for preparations via the menu of the touch display, which minimizes the risk of mistreatment.
By customizing your system to a specific customer or application, patient flow in your clinic can be made significantly more efficient.

The therapeutic laser system meets the performance and safety related requirements of the EEA for medical devices. Its compact and robust design, as well as its very short warm-up phase of less than 30 seconds, make the BiAxis QS ecological, as well as economically attractive for every practice and clinic.


  • Age Spots (Lentigines Seniles/Solares)
  • Acne and Surgical Scars and Keloids
  • Collagen Remodeling (Skin Tightening)
  • Dermal and Epidermal Pigmentation, such as Café-au-lait Spots, Naevus Ota (Birthmarks) and Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Different colored Tattoos
  • Warts/Seborrheic Keratosis